This is SEPAF

SEPAF is the industry organization for Swedish intellectual property companies. The members of SEPAF create business benefit for their clients through innovation protection*, mainly in the form of patents, trademark protection and design protection.

The purpose of SEPAF is to maintain good ethics and a high level of professionalism in the industry. All our members apply SEPAF’s general terms and conditions and we intervene if any member violates them.

In addition to this, we engage in educational issues and opinion formation in the area of innovation protection.

We regularly publish special statistics on applications for protection for patents, trademarks and designs in Sweden and internationally: Sepaf Innovation Index.

Our values are knowledge, business focus, ethics and commitment.

Knowledge: All clients must know that SEPAF’s member companies know the IP area.
Business focus: SEPAF:s members always act to improve the clients IP business.
Ethics: The basis for SEPAF:s and member companies eligibility is ethics.
Commitment: SEPAF and members have a commitment to the importance of IP issues which is expressed according to the values above.

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*Innovation as defined in the OSLO Manual, OECD, 1997.

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